Learn to Fly


Flying is the highlight of the cadet training programme in the Australian Air League. It can be in the form of a simple scenic joyflight , an Air Activities course which would encompass a wide variety of aviation theory subjects, along with hands-on experience culminating in an Air Experience Flight, or full pilot training.

Often cadets will experience their first flight with the Australian Air League through an Air Experience Flight, where they will first undertake a briefing by an experienced pilot who will explain all about the aircraft that they will be flying in, along with an introduction to basic aerodynamics, the airfield and procedures. They will then board their aircraft and enjoy a flight either around the local area, or visit some nearby landmarks.


The Australian Air League has an excellent reputation for producing high quality pilots, some of which are now flying with Australia’s major airlines and charter companies.

Toukley Squadron offers flying, either through Warnervale Aerodrome, or through the Air Activities Centre at Camden Airport.

Air Activities Camden
The Air Activities Centre, located at Camden Airport, located SW of Sydney NSW, is a part-time flying school. The Air League is able to reduce costs substantially, and yet retain immaculately high quality aircraft. We can offer these discounted rates and flying costs because the entire school is run by volunteers – people who do it for a love of aviation and not financial reward. Our instructors, pilots, engineers, base staff and students all work together to offer possibly one of the cheapest flying schools around, whilst still offering first class quality training.

The Air League has an attractive fleet of modern aircraft and has an excellent safety record. Camden Airport is located in the centre of the flying training area, with minimum time spent on the ground and in transit to the flying training area, enabling students to get best value for money.


At a colourful ceremony at Kingsford Smith Aerodrome on 6th November 1937, the Australian Air League’s aims began to come to fruition, when the first six Flying Scholarships were awarded to John W.Nichols, Wallace M. Stewart, Boden G. Fife, John H. J. Brown, Cecil C. Goddard, and Robert E. Kerr.
Since those early beginnings, the Australian Air League has endeavoured to offer scholarships to its members through the assistance of organisations such as the RAAF Association, gliding clubs and others.

For more information, cadets and parents should contact Central Coast Wing’s Air Activities Officer, First Officer J. Cardinale at j.cardinale@aalcentralcoast.com or 0437 938 415.