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The Austrlian Air League welcomes any person from the age of 8 and up.
The league is structured to cater for all different age groups. Our juniors (aged 8 to 11) start with the very basics of aviation and build up experience and confidence.
Our Cadets (aged 12 to 18) learn more advanced aviation classes tailored for their age and can commence pilot training if so desired.

To Join the Air League, you just need to visit one of our Squadrons with your parent / guardian.

Members of the Air League



Toukley Boys Squadron meet at Warnervale Aerodrome (Jack Grant Ave, Warnervale) every Friday night at 1830HRS (6:30pm). To join, all you need to do is visit them on a Friday night and they will show you around free of charge for 3 weeks. At this time, if you still wish to join, there will be a required fee of $70 to begin the membership. This is a once off payment.



Gosford Boys Squadron meet at Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre every Friday night at 1830HRS (6:30pm). To join, all you need to do is visit us on a Friday night and we will show you around free of charge for 3 weeks. At this time, if you still wish to join, there will be a required fee of $70 to begin the membership. This is a once off payment.

A uniform will be required and is the main cost associated with joining the AAL. A full new uniform can vary in cost and we also have many good quality parts of the uniform available second-hand for considerably less cost. We also have methods of arranging for uniforms to be paid in installments for those on a tight budget. We will explain these costs with you when you visit.



Are you a dedicated adult with a passion for aviation who cares about the future of our children?

Air League Officers are volunteers from the community, often former cadets themselves or parents of cadets keenly interested in developing the potential of young Australians and willing to volunteer their time to develop today’s young people.

You need to be able to attend every Friday night for Squadron parade nights, and to attend weekend activities such as camps and competition days that occur during the year.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, contact us by phone or email to learn more!



Members of the Australian Air League attend Squadron parade nights once a week for approximately two hours, where they take part in a variety of interesting activities. These include ceremonial drill, physical training, model aircraft building, and aviation theory classes, such as Navigation and Aircraft Engines. Training in First Aid, Life Saving, camp craft and a variety of other interesting subjects are also available.

In addition to weekly Squadron parade nights, there are several Parades and Reviews conducted in each State during the course of the year and nationally every two years. Several squadrons also have marching bands that compete keenly in competition, as well as take part in community events and special occasions such as ANZAC Day Parades.

Competition between Squadrons is very keen and to encourage this competitive spirit, a number of competition days are held each year. These include drill competitions as well as athletic and swimming carnivals at a Group (state) level and inter-Squadron sport days at Wing level.

There are also social functions held by Squadrons and Wings including picnics and outings, hikes and fund-raising activities. In addition members are encouraged to take part in public activities such as helping in community projects, assisting in ANZAC Day and other local community parades and festivals.



Leadership training and discipline is an important aspect of our training and successful members can qualify to become a Non Commissioned Officer or Officer rank depending on their age and ability.

Cadets that show initiative and leadership skills can gain a promotion as Non-Commissioned Officer’s (NCO) following stringent training and examinations. Upon qualification and examination they become a Leading Cadet, then progress through the ranks, possibly even to Squadron Sergeant, the highest NCO rank in the Air League. Upon reaching adulthood, Cadets then can become Trainee Officers and undergo Officer Training.

Cadets are expected to display a high level of discipline and are taught to follow all customs and courtesies. Cadets also develop a respect for elders and begin to teach younger cadets these expectations when they get older and receive rank, and because of this cadets are more prepared for future endeavourers.



What’s the Air League all about?

The Air League is a national organisation whose purpose is to develop in youth the attributes of leadership, engaged and active citizenship and physical fitness

What do I need to join?

All that is needed to join is an interest in the program, your parent’s/guardian’s permission and several documents. You also have to be willing to attend regular parade nights and events.

When do Air League Cadets meet?

Toukley Squadron

Toukley Squadron meets every Friday night at Warnervale Aerodrome from 1830HR (6.30PM).

Gosford Squadron

Gosford Squadron meets every Friday night at Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre from 1830HR (6.30PM).

A cadet must participate regularly in the activities to remain in good standing at the squadron

Why should I join the Air League?

The Air League offers challenges, friendship and adventure! It’s an opportunity to expand horizons, contribute to the community and make friends for life. Many former cadets credit their participation in the program with giving them a head start toward their successful careers.

Who instructs the cadets?

Air League Officers are volunteers from the community; often they are former cadets or the parents of cadets, who have an interest in developing young people’s potential.
All potential Officers are given full police checks, then supervised and trained fully before they are able to work with young people on their own.

What will I do at weekly parade nights?

Some of the activities you can expect at the cadet unit include ceremonial drill, first aid, education and modelling, sports, and events that support your community.
You could learn an instrument in our marching band.
There will also be plenty of time to have fun and make new friends!

What will I do at weekly parade nights?

A uniform is required and can be purchased through our Quartermaster. By buying the uniform you are helping to support the Air League across Australia.
If  available, uniforms can also be bought through second hand clothing pools.

What does the Air League cost?

It costs $70 to join the Air League
To attend our Squadron Parade Nights it costs $10 per cadet, per week
The uniform cost will vary, but will cost between $80 – $170

How old do I have to be to join Air League?

You can join as soon as you’ve reached your 8th birthday and you can remain as a Cadet until you turn 18.
You may then undergo Officer training if you would like to remain in the Air League.

Will Air League affect my schoolwork?

Education is very important to Cadets. Cadet training is a hands-on, activity-based program that should complement school studies. As well, there are several scholarships available through the Air League.
The self-discipline that the cadets learn helps them organize their schoolwork and to develop good study habits

What do Air League cadets do?

Cadets are young people who take part in activities at Squadrons within their local community. These activities are designed to help them to become more self-confident, to develop their leadership skills, to improve their physical fitness and communication skills, and to teach self-discipline through challenging training.

Can Girls Join?

Yes! Girls can join Doyalson Girls Squadron.

For more information about Doyalson Girls Squadron, call Mrs Pam Price on
0409 152 817



The Air League is a non-proffit organisation, that does not recieve funding from any government body or business. The Air League is run from contributions from its members and by adults (Officers & Parents) volunteering their time.

On average, a cadet will incur the current costs upon joining a Squadron on the Central Coast:

  • Joining Fee = $70
  • New Uniform = $90 – $140
  • Second Hand Uniform = $50 – $100 (If available)
  • Attending Parade Night = $10/per parade night
  • Absent from Parade Night = $3/per parade night

Members can elect to pay $80 for a term, members whom do so will receive a $20 credit towards their account. This means that a member will attend each week at the price of $8.

The costs for Officers and Associate Members vary from above. Please contact us.