It was a fantastic event, conducted on Saturday 15th June 2019. Members from Toukley, Gosford and Doyalson Squadrons attended the dinner with family and friends.

Special Guests:

The night began like it always does, with the announcement of the special guests:

  • NSW Group Assistant Field Officer, and Officer Commanding Central Coast Wing, Wing Captain Brendan Gregory
  • NSW Group Executive Commissioner, Lieutenant Commissioner Jeff Remington DSA MSA
  • Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Education, Aboriginal Affairs and the Central Coast and Member for Wyong, Mr David Harris MP
  • The Honorary Patron of Toukley Squadron, Mrs Margret Gedling
  • NSW Group Air Activities Commissioner, Group Commissioner Jon Conrad MSA and Toukley Squadron Branch President Mrs Joanne Ritchie
  • NSW Group Training Commissioner, Group Commissioner Trent Aylward
  • NSW Group Field Commissioner, Group Commissioner Brendan Fox and Miss Michelle Kim
  • NSW Group Band Officer, Group Lieutenant Chris Bailey DSA MSA and Mrs Joanne Bailey
  • Gosford RSL Sub Branch Presiden Mr Greg Mawson and Gosford RSL Club Limited President Mr Gary Young
  • Toukley RSL Sub Branch Secretary Mr Graham Tredinnick and Mrs Lorraine Tredinnick

Master of Ceremonies – Warrant Officer Mitchell Hiller

Our Master of Ceremonies for the night; Warrant Officer Mitchel Hillier gave an opening address where he said;

I will ask a wide range of members to provide an address here, from whom you will hear their experiences within the League and acknowledge the efforts of others around them. We do this to celebrate the history and the achievement of our organisation and to acknowledge and value the time donated by members who have worked hard to keep this organisation thriving.

This formal dinner is a little bit special. In just 15 days’ time, on the 1st July 2019 Members from Doyalson Girls Squadron will officially join our Wing. Tonight, for the first time, we have members from Doyalson Girls Squadron in attendance; Officer Commanding Squadron, Group Commissioner Pam Price DSA MSA, Corporal Lara Wilbow, Corporal Caitlyn Edwards and Leading Cadet Brya Davis.

We are thrilled to have such exceptional members, and what I understand to be the leading Squadron in the Girls Group join our ranks within the Wing. All our members welcome you, and we look forward to competing alongside you in future Group and Federal review competitions

Ilma Nicholson Wing

The dinner featured some key milestones for our wing, not only did we accept a new Squadron, but we also had a name change confirmed. Officer Commanding Central Coast Wing, Wing Captain Brendan Gregory announced that the Wing Council had requested a name change to Ilma Nicholson Wing and that this request had been approved by the NSW Group Council. We will now be known as “Ilma Nicholson” Wing.

Cadet of the Year Winners

Congratulations to our Squadrons Cadet of the Year Winners:

This year Toukley Squadron have nominated;

In the Cadet of the Year category – Corporal Maximus Pollard

In the Jnr Cadet of the Year category – Cadet Benjamin Renshaw

This year Gosford Squadron have nominated;

In the Senior Cadet of the Year category – Corporal Christopher Arnott

In the Cadet of the Year category – Cadet Callum Whitehead

The overall, Ilma Nicolson Wing Cadet of the Year nomination went to Corporal
Maximus Pollard.

NCO Promotions

The following members received promotions:

Leading Cadet Christopher Renshaw
Leading Cadet Callum Whitehead
Leading Cadet Blake Phillips
Corporal Douglas Renshaw

Wing Captain Brendan Gregory also announced that Acting Sergeant Maximus Pollard will now begin in an acting position to be assessed for the Rank of Sergeant. Members are now to refer to Mr Pollard as Sergeant Pollard from this point forward.

Officer Promotions

Congrats to the following officers;

First Officer Lars Hulin – Toukley Squadron Education Officer

First Officer Geordie Moody – Toukley Squadron Quartermaster

Squadron Lieutenant Joel Zanker – Ilma Nicolson Wing Drill Officer

Squadron Lieutenant Jullian Cardinale – Ilma Nicolson Wing Adjutant

Squadron Captain Luke Smith – Officer Commanding Gosford Squadron

Cutting of the Cake

The Wing welcomed our newest member Cadet James Greenfield, to come forward to join the Officer Commanding Wing Brendan Gregory
and Officer Commanding Doyalson Squadron, Pam Price in the cutting of the cake.

It was a fantastic night, filled with awards, promotions and ceremony. Congratulations to all our award recipients.

We look forward to next year’s formal dinner.